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Siemens reduces quote time from days to minutes

Siemens and Cincom: Simply More Productive

Winning more business is a natural enough goal shared by all companies, but is capped in many facilities by the complexity of what they do. That was the case for Siemens electric motor plant in Norwood, Ohio, which was producing the world’s best AC squirrel-cage induction motors, but not nearly as fast as the company wanted.

With Cincom CPQTM, Siemens found a solution that reduced the time needed for quoting from up to a week down to a matter of a few minutes. Cincom was also the only solution that allowed Siemens to guarantee certified motor performance data – a must-have element for customers. Siemens can now manage the marriage of all the specifics and all the variables in quoting and proposal management in a system that requires just a fraction of the time previously needed.

Simply more productive. That’s how you win more business, and that’s the Cincom/Siemens partnership in action.

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