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Cincom understand the needs of complex enterprises across various industry verticals. Read on to learn about our products and expertise in each area.

Manufacturing Solutions

Manufacturing in Australia is evolving from its traditional process focus to a high-performance, advanced and productive sector. The industry is calling for niche manufacturers and highly technical businesses to meet the needs of the new connected consumer. Learn about Cincom’s solutions for the manufacturing industry On the front end, Cincom’s configure-price-quote solutions have helped manufacturers…

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IEM Solutions

The Heavy and Industrial Equipment Manufacturing sector is comprised of a diverse group of businesses with varying needs. Relying on the demand from several other industries means that operating as efficiently and profitably in every project is essential. Learn about Cincom’s solutions for the IEM industry Cincom’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions are tailored to businesses with…

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HVAC Solutions

Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) companies readily need to address environmental issues and at the same time, meet the needs of a growing construction industry. Balancing new demand and complex business requirements means that HVAC companies are looking to streamline their processes. Learn about Cincom’s solutions for the HVAC industry Cincom has worked with…

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Aerospace and Defence Solutions

Aerospace and defence companies, suppliers and contractors exhibit unique characteristics and experience specific business challenges. These issues can include high regulation and compliance requirements, detailed tender processes and strict auditability. Learn about Cincom’s solutions for the Aerospace & Defence industry Cincom’s configure-price-quote solutions are designed to incorporate complex rules and requirements so that each custom…

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Financial Services Solutions

Cincom’s solution for the financial services industry enables businesses to streamline their IT systems and bring customers to the centre of all their processes. Businesses that will benefit from Cincom CPQ™ Insurance Wealth management and financial planning Superannuation Banking Brokerages in the financial services sector The easy-to-use system is more than a product configurator or…

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Other Industry Solutions

Cincom Australia has been working with local businesses in a range of industries for over 40 years. With a commitment to customer empowerment, Cincom helps businesses do what is most important — win more business, operate more efficiently and deliver as promised. Learn about Cincom’s solutions Focusing on your customers, Cincom’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) solutions have…

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