Count on Cincom for intuitive Financial Services IT Solutions

Financial Services Solutions

Cincom’s solution for the financial services industry enables businesses to streamline their IT systems and bring customers to the centre of all their processes.

Businesses that will benefit from Cincom CPQ™

  • Insurance
  • Wealth management and financial planning
  • Superannuation
  • Banking
  • Brokerages in the financial services sector

The easy-to-use system is more than a product configurator or quote generator. It is a powerful knowledge hub that can:

  • Bring expert knowledge to your sales’ fingertips, collating all of your product definitions, features and business and compliance rules
  • Empower your organisation to personalise complex products and bundles across product lines in real time, consistently and across all sales channels
  • Rapidly respond to customers’ needs and wants, with automated quoting, pricing and proposal generation

By optimising your sales, quoting and e-commerce functions, Cincom’s Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) allows you to gain competitive advantage and increase sales effectiveness by consistently delivering a customer experience that aligns with the way customers want to buy – across any channel, any application and any device.

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